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May 16, 2022
Conference CANCELLED
(due to financial reasons)
April 1, 2022
Abstract submission

April 15, 2022
Abstract acceptance notification

April 30, 2022
Early-bird registration & payment

May 31, 2022
Regular registration & payment

June 12-16, 2022
Workshop chair
František Lofaj
tel: +421-55-7922407
L. Kvetková
tel: +421-55-7922426
Institute of Materials Research of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
Watsonova 47
04001 Košice
Travel information

The best way to get to Smolenice Castle is via Vienna airport Schwechat and then by regular bus to Bratislava Central bus station. It takes approximately 1 hour (< 10 euro) depending on the traffic situation.

Additional possibilities include direct flights to Bratislava airport or by train/bus from Prague (Czech Republic) or Budapest (Hungary) to Bratislava Central Bus Station.

The meeting point of the IIW7 participants is the Bratislava Central bus station on Sunday, June 12, 2022, at 16:00, when a shuttle bus reserved for the participants will depart for Smolenice castle. It takes around 1 hour to get to Smolenice Castle.

After the conference the shuttle bus will take the participants from the Smolenice Castle to the Vienna airport. The exact time of departure to the Vienna airport will be announced as soon as the Organizing committee receives the travel schedules of the participants.

How to get to the Bratislava Central bus station
From the Vienna airport Schwechat (VIE)

There is a frequent (each 10-20 minutes) direct bus connection between the Vienna airport Schwechat and the Bratislava Central bus station. The journey lasts approximately 1 hour. The actual bus timetable you can find here.

From the Bratislava Central train station

There is a direct trolleybus connection from the Bratislava central train station to the Bratislava Central bus station Mlynské nivy. The actual timetable of trolleybus no. 210 you can find here.

For those who would like to come to the Smolenice Castle individually by train or by bus, the transfer in Trnava is required. As the distance from the Smolenice train station or bus stop to the Smolenice Castle is relatively long, a car can be provided upon request. Please contact our secretary Lenka Kvetkova (iiw7@saske.sk).

The participants who would like to come by car can be provided with a map with detailed instructions. Additional information is available at http://www.kcsmolenice.sav.sk/


The official currency in the Slovak Republic is the Euro. Exchange offices and ATMs can be found at the airport, in all hotels and in many places in and around Bratislava centre. Major credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants and most shops. In the Smolenice village, two ATMs are available within a walking distance.

Important remarks:
  • Sorry, there is no ATM in the Smolenice Castle.
  • In the Smolenice Castle restaurant only cash is accepted.
Visa applications

Slovakia is a part of the Schengen area and no visa is required for the visitors from EU countries and many other countries outside EU. However, the participants shall check in advance the visa requirements for their particular country. Special letters of invitation for visa application will be provided upon written request by the conference organizers. The participants are responsible for all their visa, travel, lodging and registration expenses not included in the conference fee.


Participants should make their own arrangements in respect of health and travel insurance. The organizers do not accept any liability or responsibility for death, illness or injury to persons, for the loss or damage of a property or for any financial loss of the attendees.


June in Slovakia is already a pleasant summer time with daily temperatures usually above 25 °C. However, occasional showers and even thunderstorms cannot be excluded.

Sightseeing tips
Trnava - old towmTrnava - old town Castle Červený kameňCastle Červený kameň
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